Posted on : Tuesday September 1, 2009

By Bernard Moore CFS

You can improve your cardiovascular health with a trip to the grocery store. Numerous scientific studies have shown that these foods have some of same healing properties as prescription heart medications. Greens such as chicory, dandelion, endive, kale and spinach are rich sources of heart-friendly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols, (plant chemicals known as phytochemicals, that help prevent cardiovascular disease), vitamins and minerals. When eaten on a regular basis, they help reduce triglyceride (a type of blood fat) and LDL bad cholesterol levels. It is recommended that youcook greens with heart friendly garlic and onion and top with an olive oil and vinegar dressing. Try to eat a half cup to one cup daily.

Herbs such as onions and leeks share most of the important phytochemicals that are in garlic, and some people find them easier to digest. Leeks are available at many grocery and health food stores. Try adding onions and leeks to bean dishes. Legumes such as peas, beans and lentils are all pulses (a subcategory of the legume family). Power packed with protein, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidant phytonutrients, pulses are also low in fat and high in fiber. It is recommended to boil or stir fry pulses with garlic and olive oil and vinegar dressing. Aim to eat at least a half cup of pulses daily. Our heart is designed by God to last a life time. Don’t let it fall short by lack of nourishment.

May God bless you with vibrant health.