Posted on : Wednesday December 3, 2008

By Diana Davis

Need some ideas to freshen up your annual Sunday School party?  

“Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.” 2 Timothy 2:22b

It’s time for the annual Sunday School Christmas party, and you’re wondering—once again—how to make it enjoyable.  Need some fresh ideas? 

 For a fun twist, ask attenders to wear Christmas hats—Santa stocking, Christmas cap, antlers.  Provide extras for those who forget.

 Deliver a special invitation to members-in-service and prospects. Ascertain that each class member is invited personally and in writing.

 Vary the format each year. Plan a casual dessert party, an early Sunday breakfast at church, or a formal banquet. 

 For a progressive Christmas grazing party, travel to three class members’ homes, serving heavy hors d’oeuvres. Decorate vehicles with battery-powered Christmas lights to add pizzazz, and stop to carol en route.

 Take a group photo. Distribute prints at the end of the party or next Sunday.

 Use nametags to enhance fellowship.

 Divide into teams for games by giving each person a Christmas carol title on a slip of paper. On the count of three, everyone hums their song until they find teammates with the same carol.

 Play “Designer Santa.” Teams of 4-6 people have seven minutes to create a Christmas costume on a team member, such as a Santa, angel or tree. Supplies include masking tape, tissue paper (red, black, white, green), foil, cotton, construction paper and scissors. Vote and award prizes.

 Play “Caroliscious.” Each team of 5-7 people is assigned a Christmas carol to perform in a unique or humorous manner, i.e. mock-opera, choreographed, chipmunk-fashion.  After ten minutes of impromptu rehearsal, teams perform. Hilarious!

 For a gift exchange, set a dollar amount or enforce a “no $” rule. You could exchange Christmas ornaments, pins, ties or hats. As an alternative, they could bring nice wrapped gifts, and have an auction, with donations going to Lottie Moon Christmas offering, or bring gifts for a needy family, fruit for the nursing home, or books for the church library. 

 Conclude with a brief devotional about the meaning of Christmas, then gather around a piano or guitar and sing carols.

A Sunday School class’s Christmas party is often its best-attended fellowship of the year.

Have fun with your Christian friends as you celebrate the Reason for the season.

©2008  Diana Davis is author of Fresh Ideas and Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry, available at Christian bookstores.