Posted on : Thursday April 15, 2010

By Diana Davis, author of Deacon Wives (B&H Publishing) and wife of Indiana Baptists’ Executive Director

Every year, children meet Jesus for the first time at Vacation Bible School (VBS). Imagine what could happen if every member invited an un-churched child to VBS. Need fresh ideas?

Form a creative publicity team to strategize and disseminate assignments to help every individual impact VBS attendance.

Single adults coordinate an outdoor registration event for the community. The church softball team delivers door hangers to homes within a mile of the church. Senior adults and homebound members pre-register members’ children by phone.

Middle schoolers prepare a VBS puppet show, performing in the local mall and church foyer. Young adult classes decorate hallways a week ahead of VBS to create anticipation. The praise team and choir hang posters strategically around town.

Teens plan a Celly Party, recruiting dozens of adults to join them for a sixty minute phone blitz. Callers use their own cell phone, a script and simple registration form to invite and register kids who visited church last year. When a child is registered the caller rings a bell and adds the name to a whiteboard. After a fast-paced hour, they pray for the children, enjoy snacks and celebrate.

Individuals help. A techie member designs an outdoor banner invitation. Garage salers share invitations as they shop. Sunday School teachers wear bandanas, and connect with VBS workers for prayer partners and follow-up visits. The women’s ministry rents an air dancing guy or a huge advertising balloon. A theatrical member wears a VBS mascot costume to visit Sunday School classes or events.

Provide yard sign invitations. Give everyone invitations. Create e-invitations they can email friends. A week before VBS, deacons give every worshipper a helium balloon invitation to deliver to a neighbor.

Cast a large vision for every church member to invite children to VBS.

©Diana Davis, author of Deacon Wives (B&H Publishing) and wife of Indiana Baptists’ executive director.