How Can My Church Get Involved?

Your Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) is a fellowship of Baptist churches who share similar core values and have intentionally chosen to join together in friendly cooperation to reach Maryland/Delaware and the world for Jesus Christ. In a spirit of trust and cooperation we affirm and value our love for Jesus Christ and for one another; our commitment to the Bible as the Word of God; the autonomy of the local church, the local association, the state convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention; and our commitment to the mission and vision of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.

We also affirm and value our cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention in achieving our worldwide mission; affiliated churches that adopt The Baptist Faith and Message (2000 or 1963) or a similar statement in accord with the beliefs expressed in these Southern Baptist documents; the continued employment and support of spirit-led BCM/D staff who affirm The Baptist Faith and Message (2000 or 1963); and our Belief that the ultimate task to which we are called, and which most assuredly binds us together, is the mission of reaching people for Jesus Christ and making disciples for His Kingdom.

Two ways to affiliate in friendly cooperation with the BCM/D

  1. We encourage those who desire to affiliate with the BCM/D to affiliate first with a local Maryland or Delaware association. Once the congregation completes the credentialing process for affiliation with the association and submits their first financial contribution in support of our cooperative missions effort, that congregation will be considered affiliated with the BCM/D.
  2. Because the local church is autonomous, a church may petition the BCM/D for affiliation.

Petitioning Process

  1. The church should submit in writing on church letterhead a request for affiliation. The letter should contain: a statement that this request is a result of “official church action,” a statement of the church’s mission and vision, a brief statement as to why the church wishes to affiliate with the BCM/D, the church’s statement of faith and constitution/bylaws. This letter should be submitted to the Executive Director’s office at the Baptist Mission Resource Center, 10255 Old Columbia Road, Columbia, MD 21046.
  2. The Executive Director or his designee will make contact with the pastor of the church to discuss the church’s request for affiliation.
  3. The Affiliation Committee of the General Mission Board will review the request for affiliation. The Affiliation Committee will report to the General Mission Board and make recommendations concerning the church’s request.
  4. Upon approval by the General Mission Board, the church will be extended an official invitation to affiliate with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.
  5. The affiliation process will be complete when the church submits its first financial contribution in support of our cooperative missions effort.
  6. The newly affiliated church will be encouraged to also affiliate with a local Maryland/Delaware association.