What is the ACP?

Every church and mission is asked to complete a statistical survey once a year called the Annual Church Profile (ACP). This survey is where items like baptisms and church membership are collected. Many churches also use this opportunity to update information on church leadership.

The ACP gives real, clear information that helps the local pastor to make data-informed decisions about programming, staffing, and budgeting that better reflects where they want to go.

It also enables BCM/D to better serve our churches, and it helps entities of the Southern Baptist Convention fund church resources in the most effective way.

How to fill out the ACP

Every Southern Baptist congregation is given an SBC ID number by LifeWay Christian Resources, along with a password. The SBC ID and password is used to log onto www.sbcworkspace.com. If you do not have your login information, please contact us using the email or phone number below. The ACP survey is available each year from late fall to the end of February.

The Baptist Convention of Maryland Delaware is available to assist any church with their ACP survey. Please contact iwhite@bcmd.org or call 800-460-5290 x202 for assistance and/or questions.