Posted on : Thursday March 10, 2022

Shhh, do you hear that? It’s just a rumble right now, but be prepared … it’s coming! Or should I say “they’re coming!” The faint echoes of laughter and running feet are starting to be heard throughout your church halls again. Kids everywhere are out in full force, giggling, laughing, running, jumping, excited to be back to some sort of normalcy. This will be an epic summer of vacation Bible school (VBS)! Is your church ready? This is not the year to wait to make the call – this is the year to start planning early for the kids that will be busting down your doors to get to VBS this summer!

Returning to what we do best!
While last summer saw many hosting VBS with modifications, this summer will be a return to what we do best! And now is the time to change things up, learn from the past, and try new things! At this weekend’s BCM/D’s VBS Rally at Faith Baptist Church in Glen Burnie, we’re doing just that! No matter what curriculum you’ve chosen for VBS this summer, you’ll find seven all-new breakout sessions helpful for you and your team as you plan for an unforgettable summer.

VBS 2021 at Faith Baptist Church in Knoxville (photo by Kris Buckman).

In addition to the breakout sessions, you can choose to hear from a Group Publishing (Group) representative as she shares their 5-day VBS, “Monumental.” This is your chance to get an in-person look at the curriculum and everything that comes with it! She’ll help guide those who may be new to Group VBS as well as answer questions for those long-time Group users. If you’re using Lifeway’s Spark Studios, you’ll be able to see every item from the catalog as well as attend a session that will give you an overview of their VBS!

Stay for lunch and hear from a church that experienced a COVID-19 outbreak at VBS last summer. Yikes! Our worst nightmare, right? Hear how they handled it, how they recovered, and how the community responded. We can all learn from this informative mini-session as COVID-19 still lurks behind the corners.

VBS 2021 at Faith Baptist Church in Glen Burnie (photo by Kris Buckman).

Spend the afternoon discussing topics of interest with other local VBS leaders. Share ideas on how to promote your VBS, effective check-in and check-out procedures, great ideas for follow-up, and helpful tips for classroom management and scheduling. Connection with other VBS teams provides access to shared resources and makes space for you to encourage and learn from each other. There are people out there with the same questions and struggles as you – don’t go it alone!

It’s our desire at the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware to resource you and your church. Each attendee will receive a backpack full of valuable resources to use in your ministry! We’ll also fill your arms with giveaways, prizes, and kidmin curriculum!

Rally is a word that evokes a feeling of unity and excitement! Let’s link arms, march forward, and celebrate all that God will do this summer in VBS ministry!

Register online for the BCM/D VBS rally.

Featured image: VBS 2021 at Weems Creek Baptist Church in Annapolis (photo by Kris Buckman).

Kris Buckman serves as the BCM/D’s children and youth ministry consultant.