Posted on : Tuesday September 2, 2014

For the past 4 years, Fenwick Island Baptist Church (FIBC) has been giving ‘free water’ bottles in Fenwick Island, Del. Every other Saturday, from 8:30a-11:00am, two teams of up to six people talk to pedestrians, joggers, lifeguards, and ‘beach-goers,’ offering them cold refreshing water. Attached to the bottles is an information card about the church and a mini-Bible. The church is not allowed to receive any money for this service in accordance with their yearly permit.Mike Fillis

Over the last few years, the largest number of bottles given per summer was 600. For 2014, the church decided to order neon green shirts with the church logo and to wear them during the beach ministry. What a difference a ‘team look’ produced! They gave out their 1,000th bottle of water for the year on their last Saturday. The family who received the 1,000th bottle was from Chicago. They were surprised to cross the Delaware state line and find out they received the record breaking bottle of water. FIBC had prepared a gift bag of local gift cards, a tub of Fisher’s Carmel Corn and a Bible.

At last count, 1,080 bottles were given away this summer. FIBC plans to continue this ministry next year, so look for the green shirts at the beach.