Posted on : Tuesday August 12, 2014


Resources available for the 2014 State Missions Offering for the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD

COLUMBIA, Md.—”Gofwd Mid-Atlantic,” the week for prayer and offering for Mid-Atlantic missions, is scheduled for September 7-14. The goal for this year’s emphasis is $190,000, of which 100 percent will be used for missions and ministries directly involved in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Churches may request printed copies of promotional bulletin inserts, prayer guides, posters and more (in English, Korean and Spanish) to use during this week of prayer and offering for the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD by filling out an online form or by downloading them directly from the Gofwd Mid-Atlantic website,

A downloadable theme video also is available for church services or embedding on church websites.

This year’s theme, “Gofwd,” is reminiscent of Miss Annie Armstrong’s motto, “Go Forward,” based on Exodus 14:15, where God tells Moses, sandwiched between the pursuing Pharaoh’s armies and the seeming obstacle of the Red Sea, “Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.”

Armstrong, the namesake of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, led the way in helping Southern Baptists go forward in missions. On any given day today, Mid-Atlantic Baptists continue to make the brave choice to “go forward” in a variety of ministries, including:

Language Ministries

Mid-Atlantic Baptists minister among the most diverse zip codes in the United States. They minister to immigrants, start language churches and train the next generation of language ministers. And they reach the world for Christ through ministries to international students who work in the Ocean City and Deep Creek resorts.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Just in the last year, collegiate ministers in Mid-Atlantic universities have already surpassed national evangelism goals. Many college students strategically minister at local church plants, gaining valuable ministry skills along with their educations. Taught valuable leadership skills, teenagers now lead ministries and mission projects among their peers.

Legacy Churches

And while 2014 has recorded the greatest number of church plants in remembered history, many longtime churches are extending their kingdom impact. They are giving away their buildings to new churches whose families and individuals fill their pews and continue ministry in their communities.

With many mission- and vision-expanding efforts, the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network will “go forward” into “altitudes of endeavor and success undreamed of before”— to advance Christ’s mission through the purposeful strengthening and starting of churches in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Learn more about the Gofwd offering at View these videos, Legacy of Annie Armstrong and Annie Armstrong, An Oral History, to learn more about Annie Armstrong.