Posted on : Monday October 31, 2011

DALLAS (BP)–GuideStone Financial Resources has announced a new investment fund intended to achieve long-term returns consistent with the equity (stock) market but with less short-term fluctuation.

The new Defensive Market Strategies Fund will be part of two GuideStone Asset Allocation Funds: the Conservative Allocation Fund and the Balanced Allocation Fund. It also will be part of the MyDestination Funds, which become more conservative as the target date approaches. At its launch, the Defensive Market Strategies Fund will be part of the MyDestination 2005, 2015 and 2025 funds.The Defensive Market Strategies Fund also is available for direct investment.

Participants who want to determine if the fund is an appropriate part of their retirement investment portfolio can access GuideStone’s free financial advice tool, GPS: Guided Planning Services. Participants can access it by logging in to their accounts at or by setting up an appointment by calling 1-888-98-GUIDE (1-888-984-8433).

“GuideStone is privileged to once again enhance our fund selection for the benefit of our valued participants,” said John Jones, chief operating officer of GuideStone Financial Resources and president of GuideStone Funds. “We’re excited to add this fund as an option to potentially help our participants further diversify their portfolios.

”Investors who want to learn more about the Defensive Market Strategies Fund can review its fact sheet at