Posted on : Friday September 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a series of articles about Skycroft Conference Center’s 50th Anniversary. Also, our upcoming BaptistLIFE magazine, due out within a few days, is dedicated to the “Mountain for the Master!”  

The BCM/D has been incredibly blessed to have this “Mountain for the Master” that God has provided.

The number of people who have given their lives to Christ on the mountain is astounding. Many have recommitted their lives or made decisions about vocational ministry. And multiple individuals have utilized Skycroft as a soothing retreat, to step away from everything to hear from God. Often, that has resulted in a change of direction.  

For me personally, that happened in 2011 during a retreat with (BCM/D Church Services Consultant) Randy Millwood. God began to shape and change my view of how the Church is supposed to be. And I’m not alone. Many people have heard from God at Skycroft, which has changed their life trajectory. 

Throwback to camp in the 70s at Skycroft.

It’s not only the beautiful, peaceful, physical environment, but it’s the environment created by the staff that allows people to commune with God on a meaningful, deep level. 

The staff at Skycroft is truly worthy of the word “incomparable.” As I’ve gotten to know them more and more, I’m continually blown away by their love for the Lord, their love for people and their passion for providing a place where people can meet God. 

I’m so glad we devoted our Fall BaptistLIFE magazine to recognizing Skycroft and the staff for these past 50 years. I’m looking forward to our BCM/D Annual Meeting in November, where we will also recognize the staff and celebrate how God has used Skycroft over the past five decades. 

Experience Skycroft!

I hope you have had the opportunity to experience some of what Skycroft offers. There are so many places and opportunities to have fun and seek God. There are hiking trails, swimming, paintball, basketball, various indoor and outdoor sports, ropes courses, a waterslide and a zipline, to name just some of the offerings.

Put Skycroft in your toolbox and utilize it more. Think of it as the first option for sabbaticals, retreats, and church outings. Take advantage of the opportunities for low-cost, high-value camps for children and youth. You can even use Skycroft for outreach. Identify families you want to bless. Take them to Skycroft, especially if children are involved. You’ll have a blast and what a wonderful way to bless the church and the community around you. 

If you’ve never experienced Skycroft, I encourage you to visit in person soon. There are wonderful things you experience when you drive to the mountain. Some might even say there’s something “magical” about the mountain. Of course, we know what the “magic” is — it’s the Lord.