Posted on : Tuesday October 7, 2014

• Designate someone to take the initiative to begin a ministry to immigrants.

• Share scripture and teach what the Bible says about immigration. Investigate and teach what the church has to say about caring for the “sojourners.” Use curriculum that teaches about ministering to immigrants.

• Share the missional opportunities possible by reaching immigrants – The Lord has brought the world to our door!

• Offer hands-on ministry such as English as a Second Language classes, computer training, job mentoring, after school programs, citizenship preparation classes and sessions to help immigrants understand U.S. culture—and for us to learn more about theirs.

• Host workshops to bring awareness to your community regarding the issues facing immigrants.

• Churches that want to go even further can become centers for immigrants, offering legal services. Non-attorneys, “accredited representatives,” can provide immigration legal counsel at a designated certified non-profit organization. Pat Hatch cautions that has to be considered carefully because of the legal responsibilities. See for these resources and much more.