Posted on : Saturday October 16, 2010

BCM/D campus ministers seek for churches to partner with them, being receptive to college students and supporting collegiate ministries.

How can churches help?

Commit to praying for collegiate ministers and students.

Connect with students
Get contact information for your church’s high school seniors and college-age students to campus ministers so they can make those connections.

Adopt a college minister, student or campus
As a church, Sunday school class, small group or family, adopt a college minister, BSM students and maybe the campus. Pray regularly for them and have special services, receptions, or dinners for them. Send “goodie” packages at holidays or during mid-term and finals time.

Include college students in your church
Give college students opportunities to minister as viable church members, including them on mission trips, church-wide outreach efforts and throughout various ministries within the church.

Provide financial support
Provide financial support for a campus ministry. Have fun with it, using the activity to draw attention to collegiate needs. Funds can be used to help college students go on mission trips. Churches may even want to consider starting scholarship funds.

Look for specific needs

Be aware of special needs. Some students are far from home and don’t have the financial means to go visit their families for holidays. A church family can come alongside that student and offer a friendly, loving place to celebrate so he or she won’t have to be alone.

Support your campus minister
Support your campus ministers – a young, or even mature couple can always use a night out by themselves. Offer to babysit if they have children.