Posted on : Wednesday December 3, 2008

Journeyman Program

• Age twenty-something

• Two year assignments, may extend up to three years

• Single, never married, college graduates


International Service Corps (ISC)

• Two year assignment, may be up to three years

• Open to singles, couples and families

• Education or experience to do the job


Masters Program

• Two or three years only, declared up front

• Age 50 and older

• Same basic requirements as ISC


Long-term Missions

• Long-term missionary candidates are appointed as apprentice missionaries, who must work closely with the candidate consultant for their state.

• Career missionaries invest a lifetime in cross-cultural evangelism, church development, and church planting movements.

• Missionary Associates, who have successfully completed an apprentice term, may be considered for missionary associate service if they do not fully qualify for career service or when a four-year assignment is preferred. They must have the gifts, skills, and training needed to fill a specific associate assignment.

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