Posted on : Wednesday July 13, 2016

By Sharon Mager

BALTIMORE—’Agape Puppets’ made their annual stop at First Baptist Church, Dundalk Soldierlast weekend presenting an outdoor show, and drawing not only members of the congregation, but also those from a Hispanic church nearby, as well as friends, neighbors and those passing by. Following the performance, guests enjoyed free chocolate ice cream bars.

Linda Summer, the founder and director of Agape Puppets, travels around the world, working alongside high school and college student volunteers, not only sharing the Gospel of Jesus, but also training others how to use puppets to share Jesus in their own languages, and providing supplies for them. In addition, Summer takes clothing and other supplies on her trips to share with those in need. She recently returned from Peru.

First Baptist Church member Li Maier met Summer at a Bible conference 20 years ago and the two have stayed friends. Now, Li does the booking for Agape Puppets in the Baltimore area.

“We’ve seen many children give their lives to Christ,” Maier said. One of Maier’s favorite places to be when Summer is performing the puppet show is at the annual show at Helping Up Mission. “Those men are hardened by the world, and when they see it’s a puppet show, they grumble and cuss; but by the end they’re crying like babies. She’s got a fabulous testimony,” Maier said.

On Thursday, Agape Puppets will be at Inner Harbor Ministry and on Sunday evening, at 6 pm, they’ll bring their performance to Immanuel Baptist Church, White Marsh. Following the performance, the church will host a dessert fellowship.

The group is also ministering at various other churches and at Boys and Girls clubs in the area.

For more information about booking Agape puppets for next year, email Li Maier.