Posted on : Wednesday December 17, 2014

Jam, sweets for the soulBy Sharon Mager

SALISBURY, Md.—Have just a minute? That’s all it takes to read a portion of Dr. William Warren’s new book, “JAM: Sweets for the Soul.” Warren is senior pastor of Allen Memorial Baptist Church in Salisbury and the president of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network.

The book is a compilation of 144 radio spots chosen from hundreds Warren has shared over 25 years on his short programs, “A Thought for Today.” And like sweets, the messages are small, sweet, easily digested and it’s hard to limit yourself to just one.

Here’s a sample “sweet”:

In the summer of 1861, Wilmer McLean had experienced all of the Civil War he wanted. The two combating armies had fought their first major battle all across his farm in Manassas, Virginia. A Union shell had even ripped through his summer kitchen.

So, McLean moved his family out of harms way to a dusty little crossroads town called Appomattox Court House. There in his living room three-and-a-half years later, Lee surrendered to Grant. McLean correctly said, “The war began in my front yard and ended in my front parlor.”

Some things you just cannot run away from–like the deep need in your heart to know the love of God. You can try to ignore that need by filling your life with busyness, but it will always follow you.”

Each entry is a perfect little life lesson to read for yourself or send to a friend.

Regarding his radio segments, Warren said, “At one point, God gave me a dream of putting the spots on 500 stations around the world.” At one point the program aired in 40 states and in 200 nations. He more than met the goal. Has there been an impact from those short segments? Absolutely! Warren said many people have visited the church and some have come to know the Lord through the Holy Spirit working through them.

Warren said he felt God leading him several years ago to use the messages to compile a book.

“They are God-centered, life-focused messages,” Warren said. They’re encouraging for Christians yet light enough that non-Christians can read them for inspiration and not feel overwhelmed. In fact, Warren said the book is great as a simple witnessing tool. Though he doesn’t “preach” through the book, he does share his personal testimony in the back with a link to a YouTube video detailing how one can become a follower of Christ.

There’s even more to love about this book. All profits will be used to free slaves in Pakistan, both adults and children, and to help persecuted Christians in that country.

Warren and Allen Memorial Church have a passion for freeing slaves and aiding the persecuted church. They have freed 100 slaves in four years and with the proceeds from this book hope to free many more.

The first family to be helped from book sales is a father and mother and two children that work countless hours each day and go to bed at night hungry and enslaved.

“It’s miserable. There are children as young as three and four years old who work in brick kilns all day. They sleep under the stars and when they die their bodies are just left on the ground,” Warren said.

Funds will also aid the family of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death unless she wins an appeal. Bibi’s husband is not able to get work due to the situation and the family is homeless, dependent upon the help of churches.

Warren acknowledges that many are skeptical to support ministries in other countries not knowing how their money is being used but Warren has close contact with a pastor in the country that he personally knows. This pastor has spoken at Allen Memorial and keeps in regular communication with Warren. He knows his friend’s information is accurate and that funds are getting into the right hands for the right purposes.

“I know I can trust him,” Warren said.

Purchase or read more about the book, and the church’s ministry to free slaves, at the “JAM: Sweets for the Soul” website. The cost of the book is $12.95 plus shipping.