Posted on : Tuesday September 30, 2014

GMB(JimJeffries)By Sharon Mager

COLUMBIA, Md.—Administrative Committee Chairman Jim Jeffries will be rotating off of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network General Mission Board after this year’s Annual Celebration in November. Jeffries, pastor of LaVale Baptist Church and Zion Community Church, took the opportunity at the GMB meeting on Sept. 9 at the Baptist Network Center in Columbia to share a word of testimony and encouragement.

“He is the vine, and we are branches. Without Him, we are nothing. He is the creator, the author and giver of life. We are because He is. If He wouldn’t have created us, we wouldn’t be here. If He would not have breathed life into us, we wouldn’t be here. If He wouldn’t have sent His son, we’d still be spiritually dead. Truly without him I am nothing. Without Him, we are nothing. Therefore, He is our everything. How humbling is that? How can anyone stick their chest out in the sight of God? But we humbly bow and say, ‘Thank you for using us because, Lord, You can do it all on Your own but You choose in Your plan to use us, and we glorify Your name.”

Jeffries told GMB members that in the midst of the “nuts and bolts” of GMB and administrative committee work, it’s easy to lose track of general things.

“I’ve had a chance in recent days and weeks to step back and when I catch a glimpse of the bigger picture of what God is doing right here, I’m just so excited in my spirit! God has great people doing great things for a great God. I might be a little bit further off in the mountains and won’t see you as much as I have over the past four years, but I’ll be there and we’ll be working together, and we are going forward with the Lord, and His Kingdom is marching on.

“The fields are ripe for harvest. The workers are few. May I encourage you to keep marching on? Stay faithful. He’s coming back soon and may He find us about His business. So however God has entrusted each of you with His kingdom work, remember who you serve. Remember who is your everything and just give glory to His name in all you do and say.”

Referring to a sports testimony he recently heard, Jeffries said one player was inspired by a coach who said the word “team” means “Together, everyone achieves more.”

“Thank you for helping me achieve more…. Even though I won’t be serving in the same roles, I still want to be working alongside you to glorify the name above all names.”