Posted on : Monday September 17, 2012

Join them on a trip of a lifetime as they travel to the Holy Land in 2013  

Dreamed of going to the Holy Land? Make that dream become reality next December 3-10, 2013.

Rev. David Griesemer will be having a planning meeting at Landover Hills Baptist Church (4420 73rd Avenue, Landover Hills,  MD 20784) on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. (Note: though the initial meeting has passed, it’s not too late to indicate your interest in participating.)

Before his trip to Israel in 2009, Griesemer’s only experience with Dan and Beersheba and with Jerusalem and Jericho had been the two-dimensional kind one gets from studying a map. He had long desired a three-dimensional experience with these significant places of the Bible. He wanted to feel the breeze blowing in from the Sea of Galilee, he wanted to taste the water from Jacob’s well and wanted to see the same Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.

That’s why this trip is a dream come true. Now, he can better imagine the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of Joshua and Gideon, of Jesus and the disciples to coming to life in a whole new way. Griesemer cannot think of any better means of doing that than by walking on the same ground the men of the Bible walked on and seeing the same sights they saw.

This may be a once in a lifetime trip for you or it may be a return voyage to the place that holds such significance to your faith. Either way, he encourages you to join with his church as they explore the landscape of our Christian heritage.

A trip like this has the potential to do much more than merely inform, he says. He hopes others come away from it with a deepened appreciation for the story of salvation, a clearer perspective of the biblical witness and with stronger relationships forged through common experience.

For more details, contact Griesemer at, (301) 577-6700 or