Posted on : Monday August 1, 2011

By David Lee, BCM/D Executive Director

David Lee, BCM/D Executive Director

I think we need a little celebration. So, let’s celebrate.

Let’s celebrate the lives that are changed daily because Maryland/Delaware Baptists are sharing the Gospel. Let’s celebrate the ministries on our campuses that connect students to followers of Christ. Let’s celebrate the outreach to internationals in Ocean City that introduces young adults from Eastern Europe to Christ. Let’s celebrate the Gospel-sharing that happens as a part of our resort ministries.

Let’s celebrate our new language churches that now make it possible for the hearing of the good news in Japanese, Burmese Chin, Cambodian, and Swahili . . . Let’s celebrate the work of Baptist Family and Children Services as they daily become God’s instruments for changing the lives of families. Let’s celebrate those who head straight into the hard and dark places with love and good news. Let’s celebrate the 530-plus churches that are strategically placed by God all over this strategic region.

Let’s celebrate the diversity that adds so much to our cooperative ministry. Let’s celebrate the work of Global Mission Church in Silver Spring, our largest congregation. Let’s celebrate the storefront churches that deal with the hurt in our inner cities like Baltimore. Let’s celebrate our churches on the Eastern Shore and in Southern Maryland.

Let’s celebrate how God is moving in Wilmington and throughout the state of Delaware. Let’s celebrate the churches that minister next door to our nation’s capital. Let’s celebrate the churches that are making a difference in the lives of people in Western Maryland. Let’s celebrate the new church plants that are connecting with this generation. Let’s celebrate the churches that sing hymns on Sunday morning enriching the lives of those who embrace traditional worship. Let’s celebrate with those who push the envelope to communicate through a more contemporary approach to worship and ministry. Let’s celebrate the churches that minister to the large and transit populations of our bedroom communities throughout our multi-state region.

Let’s celebrate those churches that have full-time pastors and multi-staff ministries. Let’s celebrate those churches that do ministry with bi-vocational pastors. Let’s celebrate lay leaders who sacrifice time and money to resource church outreach and ministry.

Let’s celebrate Maryland/Delaware Baptists who are sharing the Gospel with their co-workers. Let’s celebrate our young people who are not afraid to live for Christ on high school and middle school campuses.

Let’s celebrate churches that unselfishly partner on mission with other churches.

If I had more words available, we could do more celebrating. Let’s just celebrate who we are as Maryland/Delaware Baptists.

What a privilege it is to be a part of all of this!