Posted on : Monday August 15, 2011

By Brian Moon, Pastor of Life Mosaic Church

I was raised in a pastor’s family and grew up in church. When I was 17, I found that the Gospel is the truth. It has been my dream to start a church where all the nations worship together. After 20 years, ever since I thought about the church, the Lord led me to start a church in the United States with the help of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.

I served at Global Mission Church for seven years. My vision has been to go and deliver the Gospel to all nations. Since my vision is evangelizing non-Christians, especially all nations, I was praying for a place in Washington, D.C., where non-Christians and Christians meet regularly. One day while I was praying for the place, God showed a dream to me.

In the dream, God showed me a map of the northern area of Washington, D.C., and suddenly there comes a dot on the map and He said, “This is the place where you will start a church.” So I was very surprised because it was not inside of Washington, D.C., and there was no Baptist church there that I could see. After a year, mid-July 2009, I heard God’s voice in my heart. “Today you must go to the place that I showed you.”

Amazingly, with many people’s prayer, we were able to rent the current ministry house in North Bethesda. The house was located exactly where God showed in my dream. Moreover, I was surprised because, after we moved in, we found out that there are many non-Christian researchers, government employees, family of diplomats, and medical doctors around the north Bethesda area. So we have been meeting them every Saturday. After putting many efforts in building relationships, we have been able to deliver the Gospel to them. So currently we have about 20 people of American, Japanese, and Korean including both Christians and non-Christians.

The Bethesda area has many scientists, diplomats, and their families. These people are going back to their countries after several years. So it could be an effective missionary strategy to all nations if we deliver the Gospel to them. Thus we chose a multi-culture, multi-language church model.

We met Japanese people through our children’s school. We met as parents and some began attending our church. I started to believe that even kids can be used for a bridge for mission.

We have been building trust and love by teaching them English and caring for their families. We learned through our ministry that for non-Christians, love and trust are very important to deliver the Gospel regardless of their races.

We used very easy English, and we let them use their own languages in sharing and prayer time. So far this model was working well using up to three different languages at the same time. We are planning to adopt more languages in our worship.

When we started the church, we prayed for evangelizing non-Christian scientists. Recently, God open the door to reach NIH (National Institute of Health) scientists. So we learned how faithfully God answered our prayer. Also we prayed for evangelizing diplomats, embassy staffs and their family. Recently, God allowed us to meet the family of a German diplomat and we are delivering the Gospel to them.

I am realizing that God’s plan through prayer is much more important than my plan and thought. We have been praying for a place for worship on Sundays. Amazingly there is a Lutheran Church just in front of our current ministry house. Now we rent a place at the Lutheran church and we are having Sunday worship there. God had already prepared that worship place for us from the beginning!

The work that we are doing so far is still in the process of completion. God has given me a more difficult work than I can handle. So I entirely trust God’s will and will continue to obey Him. Our vision is to deliver the Gospel to all nations’ non-Christians. We are praying and dreaming about worship with all the nations together. And I give special thanks to BCM/D and Montgomery Association for supporting our ministry. I also give thanks to Jessie, my wife, and my four kids who have been strong supporters for the ministry.

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