Posted on : Thursday April 8, 2010

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

PERRY HALL, Md.—White Marsh Church members recently discovered that one of their elderly members had been going without heat for the last two years because she didn’t have money to replace the heat pump in the home. Fred Dyer, senior pastor, asked the congregation for a special offering to meet this need. The response was a generous $3,000 in one day.

Dyer contacted Perry Hall Heating and Air Conditioning to make arrangements and surprisingly, the company said they would like to replace the heat pump for free – covering both the parts and labor, if the church would send the money they collected to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.

“The earthquake in Haiti had just hit and we wanted to do something to help. This was an opportunity,” Rob Baker, vice-president of Perry Hall Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc, said.

White Marsh Church members were pleasantly flabbergasted. They forwarded the funds to Baptist Global Relief.

“In a time when many companies are cutting costs just to keep their head above water, it is very nice to see a company willing to give to not only help a local retired person in need, but then help potentially hundreds more in Haiti,” Herb Pace, associate pastor of music and worship said. “We believe that God uses situations, as this person needing heat, to then use others, whether they be individuals or companies, to provide for hurting people.”