Posted on : Friday July 13, 2018

John Gauger, new BCM/D Church Services consultant in the area of evangelism and pastoral connection

BCM/D staff recognized Doug DuBois, who resigned from the role in July

COLUMBIA, Md.–Beginning July 9, John Gauger, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Perryville, will serve on the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware’s Church Services team as an interim Church Services consultant in the area of evangelism and pastoral connection.

In this role, Gauger will visit and connect with senior pastors throughout the BCM/D and will assist congregations in strengthening their capacities and effectiveness in reaching their communities with the Gospel.

Gauger and his wife, Linda, have served together in ministry for 40 years, 27 of which were at FBC, Perryville, where “a high percentage of those we have seen trust Christ have grown to faithfully serve the Lord,” Gauger said at his retirement.

“We have seen a number become pastors, pastors’ wives, missionaries, and one campus missionary.”

Under Gauger’s pastoral leadership, the church ministered in four countries, developing especially close connections with churches in Mexico and West Africa in addition to several local missions efforts, including a Celebrate Recovery ministry, annual block parties, and various ministries of compassion. They also partner with their local middle school and even with church plants in Baltimore.

Doug DuBois announced his resignation in June to pursue opportunities with PBI Restoration, a company based in Hunt Valley, Md.

DuBois, whose last day in this role was July 8, will continue until the end of the year in a contract role as Skycroft consultant for the BCM/D.

There, he will be responsible for working with the Skycroft Conference Center staff to provide staff training, knowledge of facility and business operations, and other duties. Emily Reedy will continue leading the day-to-day operations at Skycroft.

Over the years, DuBois has successfully and tirelessly led as the director of Skycroft, the state director of evangelism, and the state director of disaster relief.

Most recently, DuBois served in Puerto Rico, setting up operations for the North American Mission Board’s SEND Relief response in the wake of Hurricane Maria, as well as other disaster relief projects.

For the short-term, Ellen Udovich, Church Services consultant and community engagement consultant, will be the BCM/D staff person leading disaster relief. Denise, DuBois’ wife, also will continue serving as BCM/D’s senior staff accountant.

“Doug possesses a wealth of knowledge and a servant’s heart. He has served this Convention faithfully for 22 years,” shared Tom Stolle, CFO/COO for the BCM/D.

He has spearheaded several evangelism projects, most notably the “sixsimplesteps” strategy, and is known for his faithfulness in praying weekly for hundreds of pastors and their families throughout the convention.

“Doug didn’t just minister to our pastors; he ministered to our staff and to me and my wife Shelley,” Stolle added, emotionally explaining how DuBois came numerous times to his house to repair things Stolle’s son Jimmy broke while aggressing in his autism.

“Doug’s servant heart was more than a 9-to-5 job. It is just the fabric of who he is,” he said. “He will be sorely missed.”

June Holland, BCM/D Church Services consultant, congratulates Doug DuBois on his many accomplishments at the BCM/D.

The BCM/D staff celebrated DuBois’ many accomplishments during a special luncheon on July 5.

At the luncheon, Margot Painter, facilities manager, church planting ministry associate and IT coordinator, shared about when she and DuBois discovered they were cousins, but not just cousins, friends!

“Doug is definitely a friend to everybody at my church [Cresthill Baptist, Bowie],” shared Painter, noting how many people flocked to the church even on a Wednesday night to learn about evangelism from DuBois.

June Holland expressed her gratitude on behalf of many of the BCM/D’s national partners, namely LifeWay Christian Resources.

“LifeWay was overwhelmed by how organized Skycroft was,” said Holland, BCM/D’s children, Bible teaching, and VBS consultant, who worked with LifeWay to host several Bible-teaching events, including the highly attended “Horizons” annual workshop at Skycroft.

Udovich agreed, “Doug did an amazing job of helping Baptists know what Skycroft was.”

She also pointed to how DuBois was known for loving every person he encountered. “He knew absolutely everyone in the states of Maryland/Delaware… and their spouses’ names and their kids’ names and their dogs’ names,” she laughed.

Jessica Senasack, director of Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Maryland, College Park, shared she had attended Skycroft camps as a teenager.

Tom Stolle, BCM/D’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, prays for Doug Stolle during a special luncheon on July 5, 2018.

“It’s a completely different place,” she said, expressing her yearly excitement of seeing what new thing DuBois added to the 300-acre facility. In recent years, that has included a zipline, paintball facilities, the “Damascus Road” waterslide and other recreational activities as well as an updated Hebrews coffee shop and so much more.

DuBois also oversaw multiple renovations throughout the conference center, including motel and lodge upgrades, which increased Skycroft’s capacity for handling guests.

Shannon Baker, director of communications, shared she was touched by DuBois’ interaction with the “future leaders” who participated in Skycroft’s reBOOT and reCHARGE camps as well as the Leadership Lab for students.

“You have impacted these young teens in a powerful way,” she said, noting how her own daughter Hannah appreciated DuBois.

Reedy emotionally expressed her thankfulness to DuBois for “Doug’s influence and for how he has protected Skycroft for decades.” She added, explaining his overall impact, “Doug still prays for and sends text messages to our part-time cooks and laundry workers!”

BCM/D’s Niki Taylor, Doug DuBois and Denise DuBois

More personally, she added, “No one has poured more into my life… and I am so grateful for that!’”

“The good news is that we will all still see Doug,” shared Stolle, explaining that DuBois will always be a part of the BCM/D “family.”

“Ministry isn’t corporate or professional. It’s personal,” Stolle stressed.

To DuBois, he added, “When you walk into this next open door, may you sense God truly blessing you. There will never be another Doug DuBois. Thank you!”