Posted on : Tuesday November 5, 2013

By Shannon Baker


Will McRaney, BCM/D Executive Missional Strategist

ORLANDO—Will McRaney, executive missional strategist for the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, is one of the featured speakers at the Renovate: National Church Revitalization Conference held at the Aloma Church in Orlando, Fla., Nov. 4-6.

This conference, spotlighting significant practitioners and leaders in church renewal, provides a national platform, voice, and delivery network for advocating the need of church revitalization and renewal.

Other speakers include Frank Page, President and CEO, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee; Ed Stetzer, Vice President, Insights Division, LifeWay Christian Resources; Charles Arn; President, The American Society of Church Growth; Larry Wynn, Vice President for Church Revitalization and Leadership, Georgia Baptist Convention; Bob Whitesel, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry and Missional Leadership, Wesley Seminary; Michael Duduit, Executive Editor, Preaching magazine and dean of the Graduate School of Ministry at Anderson University, Anderson, S.C.; Michael Lewis, Executive Director of Revitalization and Pastor Relations, North American Mission Board, and Ken Weathersby, Vice President for convention advancement with the SBC’s Executive Committee, in addition to several pastors and other denominational leaders.

McRaney will teach two sessions multiple times: one on “Becoming an Effective Change Agent in Revitalization,” which provides handles on the factors that drive change, assessments necessary for change, and church and leadership issues impacting change; and one on “Issues Essential in Sustaining Church Revitalization,” which addresses leadership and church climate issues that are essential for creating sustained church revitalization.

McRaney said he hopes to bring a similar conference to the Maryland/Delaware region next year. For more information, visit