Posted on : Wednesday March 2, 2011

By Adrien Ngudiankama, pastor of Salem Gospel Ministries and Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

BALTIMORE, Md.—Adrien Ngudiankama, pastor of Salem Gospel Ministries, with campuses in Baltimore and Silver Spring, headed home for the holidays—to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit his family and to minister. Ngudiankama felt God leading him to train Christians of Mbunga to be village evangelists.  Mbunga Village is where Ngudiankama’s father and family come from.  It is an agglomeration of three villages: Nkelo, Ngunda and Bangu.  It is found in the province of Bas-Congo (Lower-Congo) not far from Angola. The Gospel of Christ is quasi-unknown in Mbunga.  People are born, grow up and die without having heard the Gospel of Christ.  Fetish and other traditional religious systems regulate people’s daily life in Mbunga.  This is one of the reasons for their social deprivation.  People of Mbunga are eager to hear the Gospel.

He explained that the roads are not good and some people travelled eight hours on foot to hear Ngudiankama and to receive training in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of his uncles, a member of one of the independent African churches for more than 40 years, gave his life to Christ last January as Ngudiankama ministered to him.

Ngudiankama and Salem Church are collecting clothing and shoes, as well as large items such as bicycles and even used cars to send to the newly trained evangelists. Salem Church will rent a storage facility and facilitate transportation of the donated supplies. Ngudiankama and his mentor James Dixon, pastor of El Bethel Church in Fort Washington, Md., and BCM/D’s missionary for African American church development and planting, plans to travel back to Democratic Republic of Congo sometimes this year to train urban church planters and village/rural evangelists.

To donate supplies, or help in any other way, contact Ngudiankama at (240) 595-2127 or [email protected].