Posted on : Monday November 16, 2015

By Shannon Baker

At this year’s Ministry Wife Brunch at the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network‘s Annual Celebration, Kathy Ferguson-Litton shared six ways a ministry wife’s unconditional love for her husband makes a difference in his ministry:

Kathy Ferguson-Litton

Kathy Ferguson-Litton

1) Your love gives your husband courage and confidence in a world in which he is constantly proving himself to others;
2) Your love helps quiet his fears about himself;
3) Your love tells him the truth in love (but doesn’t nag him with unsolicited advice);
4) Your love gives him a place to be vulnerable, where he doesn’t have to regret opening up and being honest;
5) Your love is not dependent on his performance but is an unfailing love; and
6) Your love draws him into emotional intimacy, which is especially accomplished through an atmosphere of humor and laughter.

Kathy Ferguson-Litton is married to Ed Litton, pastor of First Baptist Church of North Mobile, Ala. (now known as Redemption Church). She serves as national consultant for ministry to pastors’ wives for the North American Mission Board.