Posted on : Friday June 9, 2017

By Sharon Mager

SILVER SPRING, Md.—Mishkan HaShofar, 14125 Punch Street, will host a concert with a Shabbat dinner at 7 pm on June 30 featuring international singer/songwriter Ted Pearce.
Pearce, a gentile, is a hugely popular singer and songwriter, especially loved by messianic Jewish congregations. He is also the founder of March of Remembrance, an annual Christian prayer walk in observance of Yom HaShoah (Day of Holocaust Remembrance.)

Ted Pearce

Pearce grew up in Vidor, Texas. He began his professional music career when he was 15. His career took off quickly and he was bound for success in the world, but spiritually, Pearce considered himself an atheist.

When he was 29, Pearce began searching for answers, particularly, as atheists have done through the centuries, he began reading the Bible to prove it to be false and found the only truth in Jesus Christ. While driving on a stormy night Pearce prayed, telling God that if He’s the one behind “this book,” and if God will prove it to him, then he’d be willing to Follow Him. Immediately Pearce’s hands began to violently shake on the wheel.

Pearce returned home and began to truly read the “red ink” parts of the Bible. “I didn’t want to love him. It messed up everything in my rock and roll band,” he said with a chuckle in a testimony video. But Pearce committed his life to serving Jesus and began using his gifts to honor the Lord. God transformed Pearce’s life. He began attending a messianic Jewish congregation.

His first messianic album is titled, “Shield of David” (1991).

Pearce has written and recorded Jewish praise music performed throughout the world in messianic congregations. He has collaborated with Jewish, Polish, and German bands. His music is uniquely international and he works with well-known musicians, producers and songwriters throughout the world. His latest album is “Jerusalem Sessions,” released in June 2015.

The event is free but donations to cover the food, and for Pearce, will be accepted. Food will be Israeli style with shawarma, cous-cous, hummus, and a variety of salads.
Robert Pristoop, rabbi/pastor of Mishkah HaShofar Congregation said Pearce is a talented artist, very popular, and a friend. For more information contact Pristoop, 301.871.8701.