Posted on : Monday February 21, 2011

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

CAMDEN, Ark.—Fourth and Goal…are you ready?

With the Super Bowl XLV scheduled at Dallas Cowboys Stadium Feb. 6, 2011, many people will focus on football. Whether you are on the field or in the stands, the game of football can teach a lot about the game of life.

Josh Steed, author of “Faith & Football: A Look at Life through a Facemask,” interviewed NFL athletes and nationally recognized coaches about their most defining moments in their sports careers.

In his discussions, Steed drew parallels between sports and life while exploring the relationship between the teachings of the Bible and Christianity.

As a Baptist minister and former player, Steed delivers a unique perspective on how we can utilize football to understand the Bible, and how the Bible can help players and coaches improve.

Utilizing his own life experience as a high school football player who lost his way, Steed, along with testimonials and interviews with NFL players and college football coaches, brings insight into the mind of an athlete and lessons from the field.

He writes true life stories of how faith has played a part in the game from athletes like Corey Williams of the Detroit Lions, Former Dallas Cowboys and Arkansas quarterback Clint Stoerner, Matt Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals, Steve Roberts, head coach of Arkansas State, and many more.

In his interviews, Steed discusses the Bible and the Game, relating the playbook, penalties, equipment and practice drills to a life of following Christ.

Each chapter relays a particular lesson learned from the field or rules of the game, and provides a spiritual guide on how God would apply these lessons to our lives. With discussion questions and unique concepts introduced on every page, Steed delivers a resource for all ages on the applications of the state of play to our everyday lives and spiritual understanding.

He also challenges the critics. A former offensive lineman, Steed tackles the tough questions like why we need to trust God and trust our coach.

A father of four, Steed offers tips for parents, helping their children tackle the Word of God into a life of faith, love and understanding through sports.

Steed resides in Camden, Ark. He holds a Ph.D. degree in International Theology from North Tennessee Bible Institute and Seminary and has been a licensed Baptist minister since 2006.

Steed now travels the world speaking to audiences of all ages spreading messages of hope and enlightening listeners with his unique perspectives and lessons on improving our relationship with God.

Faith & Football: A Look at Life through a Facemask” can be purchased at and through all major booksellers.