Posted on : Monday October 29, 2012

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

Adam Muhtaseb

SALISBURY, Md.—God is using the spark of one recent college graduate to ignite a revival on the Salisbury University campus. Adam Muhtaseb graduated in December and is serving as the BCM/D collegiate minister.

This year, over 60 students are not only attending Bible study and worship, but making professions of faith and serving.

Muhtaseb grew up in Germantown, Md., where he made a commitment to Jesus when he was 10 years old, but didn’t understand what he had really done. One especially frustrating day as a college junior, Muhtaseb opened his Bible to Philippians and God convicted his soul.

“I started reading and I was like, I don’t do any of this. My life doesn’t look like this at all. I committed to do whatever was in this book. ‘To live is Christ, to die is gain,’” Muhtaseb said.

After he made his decision to serve Jesus completely, the Holy Spirit led him to make immediate changes. “I broke up with my girlfriend. I quit my job at the bank, and I began interning with a youth pastor.”

The following semester, he started inviting friends to get Bible studies and inviting pastors to share.  Last spring Mike McQuitty, BCM/D collegiate church planting missionary, partnered with Allen Memorial Baptist Church to hire Muhtaseb as a collegiate ministry intern. This fall, Muhtaseb is continuing his ministry with Eastern Baptist Association with Reid Sterrett, in conjunction with their Church Planting Center and is being trained to identify potential church planters and team members.

Muhtaseb plans to partner upper classmen with mature Christians from local churches for discipleship. Those juniors and seniors then disciple freshmen and sophomores. The freshmen and sophomores disciple high school students.

Students are also active in missions outreach. They work at a soup kitchen every Saturday. On Tuesdays, the young Christian women go to a housing area to play with children, help them with their homework and give them Bibles.

An international mission trip is being planned for spring break. Muhtaseb would also like to develop ministries for international students.

Muhtaseb knows he doesn’t have all the answers. “I’m just a kid who’s trying to get people to know Jesus,” he said.