Posted on : Tuesday June 18, 2013
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Jose Nater

Camino de Esperanza, Easton, is sending a mission team to Southeast Asian islands to minister to an unreached people group.  Pastor Jose Nater said the island has a strong Islam and Hindu influence.

Nater said there are four strategies for this trip. “First, we will be allowing God to work in our lives through the personal enrichment that comes from this type of mission trip.

“Second, this evangelism journey will help us focus our individual prayers by traveling to a foreign land and praying ‘on-site with insight.’ We will pray for the Hindu and Muslim people that God may open their eyes and hearts to the message of Jesus.

“Third, we will be visiting an ‘unreached people group’ where there are no Christians. Camino de Esperanza has adopted this group and is assisting in bringing them the gospel. We will be working to start a new Christian church in a place that there is not a single one.
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“Fourth, we will encourage local Christians in Bali and other regions. Our presence will bolster their spirits and support their work. We will visit other small villages in the nation where we will develop relationships with the Christians there.”