Posted on : Wednesday October 28, 2015

By Sharon Mager

God is continuing to bless the collegiate ministry of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network, Mike McQuitty, team strategist for collegiate ministries, told General Mission Board (GMB) members at the Sept. 8 GMB meeting at the Network Center.

McQuitty said the ministry team uses three models: Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) student group ministries, local church-based ministries, and church planting ministries. The strategy has proven successful. Since the summer of 2011, there has been tremendous growth:

• Collegiate staff has grown from four full-time to 15 part and full-time ministers;
• Church-based ministries have grown from three to 19;
• There are now ministries on 15 campuses as opposed to six in 2011;
• Student involvement has grown from 110 to 425;
• Student participation in church ministries has grown from 115 to 285;
• The number of students in discipleship has grown from 30 students to 322; and
• The number of students involved in international ministry has grown from two to 77.

In addition, though there was no definitive record of Gospel presentations in 2011, in the 2014-15 year, 2,404 people heard the Gospel of Jesus.
Students are also having international impact. Those who served overseas reported 583 decisions to follow Christ. Locally, students are ministering to international students representing 18 countries.

McQuitty said he is especially excited to see students partner with and bless church plants. Last year, students helped ten church plants.

McQuitty shared about Carolos Melendez, currently the president of Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Towson University, and Fred Curtis, a student who helped with Graffiti Church, a plant in the Greenmount area of Baltimore City led by Pastor Charlie Brown. “Carlos and Fred served as missionaries and assistants. What a perfect partnership!”  he said.

Curtis served through the summer. Melendez stayed and continues to work with Brown and the core team to share the Gospel through music, sports camps and other outreaches.

Looking ahead, students will soon be trained for disaster relief with plans to serve in Michigan in the spring.

McQuitty said he’s thrilled with the blessing but there’s much more to be accomplished in the name of Jesus.

Collegiate Ministry prayer-72

Thomas Winborn, pastor of Welsh Memorial Baptist Church, Frostburg, Md., prays for Mike McQuitty, Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network team strategist for collegiate ministries.

“I’ll be honest, we have a long way to go. We need your prayers. I pray you continue to value and support your collegiate ministries,” McQuitty said.

GMB Member Thomas Winborn, pastor of Welsh Memorial Baptist Church, Frostburg, MD, prayed for McQuitty and his team, “Thank you for bringing Mike to us…Would you make this a year of fruit that blows our minds…Let us see the darkness on these campuses pierced by the light of the Gospel.”

Learn more by contacting McQuitty at, 800-466-5290 x224.