Posted on : Wednesday February 3, 2016

By Sharon Mager

COLUMBIA, Md.—The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network will host “Understanding the Passover of Jesus,” presented by Rabbi/Pastor Robert Pristoop at 10 a.m. on Feb. 17 at the Network Center. This is a unique opportunity to see the feast through new eyes—understand the elements from a unique Jewish perspective. The event also showcases what Pristoop presents at churches.Robert_Pristoop_Passover

In this presentation, Pristoop will show how Passover introduced Communion and the Messiah as the Passover lamb, sacrificed for salvation. And that Jesus was the First Fruits risen incorruptible from the grave and that He is the Unleavened Bread, our sinless offering. In addition, Pristoop will share how the festivals enrich the relationship between the old and new covenants, and how the spring festivals represent Messiah’s first coming while the fall festivals represent His second coming.

Pristoop teaches Jewish and Gentile believers that comprise the congregation of Mishkan HaShofar in Silver Spring, Md. He accepted Christ as the Messiah as a young man, but it was during a Passover celebration with his family that God really opened the new believer’s eyes.

As the family observed the Seder with the three pieces of matzo, Pristoop knew the bread traditionally represented Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but in light of Messiah the same traditions looked much different. The first piece always stays untouched in the echad (meaning one in Hebrew) a bag with three chambers. The second matzo is broken in half and half is hidden while half is placed back in the echad. During the dinner portion of the Seder, the broken matzo is wrapped in a linen cloth and hidden. The children find the hidden half and hold it ransom. The third piece of matzo is eaten with the elements on the Seder plate like the bitter herbs and charoset.

“Why break Isaac?” Pristoop dared to ask. The answer, he laughs, is, like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, “Tradition!”

The first Passover after coming to faith in Messiah had Robert see many mysteries solved, such as what the three matzos represented. He explains, the first piece of Matzo represents the Father – which no man has seen; the second is the son, broken for us, buried and then resurrected as well as He was ransomed for many (Isaiah 53). The third matzo represents the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

“That is how I came to know…I saw Messiah in so many of the Jewish traditions,” Pristoop said. He fully embraced his heritage and his newly discovered Jewish Messiah.

Plan now to attend the Feb. 17 event. Coffee and drinks will be available. Communion will be served. Register online.

Rabbi/Pastor Robert would be happy to discuss how he can serve your congregation. Book your event early for a better selection of dates. Passover fills up quickly. For booking information, call (301) 871-8701.