Posted on : Tuesday June 4, 2013

Grace Schofield, BCM/D LoveLoud Missionary

By Sharon Mager, BCM/D Correspondent

FREDERICK, Md.—Grace Schofield, formerly associate director of Skycroft Conference Center, has transitioned to become BCM/D’s LoveLoud Missionary. Schofield will work to encourage and equip churches in reaching neglected people—neglected children, neighbors and communities.

“I will help churches see the needs in their own neighborhoods, and meet those significant needs while sharing Christ. That encompasses hunger, poverty, illiteracy, trafficking… it’s a broad spectrum,” Schofield said.

Poverty doesn’t look the same everywhere, Schofield said. “It looks different in Baltimore than it does in Cumberland.” She will work to help identify those differences and assist churches in developing or expanding their ministries to meet specific needs.

Schofield grew up in a family that attended church, though sporadically. She met Christian friends in high school who invested in her, inviting her to youth group and special church trips.

“There was something different about them,” she shared. God began moving in her heart, and she started asking questions and getting answers.

Schofield began working at Skycroft Conference Center in 1999. She helped with housekeeping and worked in the kitchen while she was attending Towson University, where she majored in history.

While at Skycroft, she had other Christians who began to challenge and encourage her, especially Larry Nelson, Skycroft’s former executive director, and Doug DuBois, current director.
“They were role models and mentors, telling me about Jesus,” she said.

Schofield surrendered her life to Christ alone in her bedroom. “I just said, ‘Jesus, I’m yours. I get who you are. I understand. I want you to be number one in my life.”

After graduating from college, Schofield was promoted to the conference center’s store manager, then guest services manager and finally, the associate director.

She is excited about her new position as LoveLoud Missionary and is looking forward to meeting with church leaders, hearing their stories and helping them reach those around them.

Schofield is a member of Summit Trace Church, Frederick. She serves as youth leader, teaches two Bible studies and sings in the worship band.

In her spare time, she enjoys telling people’s stories through photography.

Churches can contact Grace to assist in outreach ministry at