Posted on : Monday August 13, 2012

Maryland Marriage Alliance surpasses petition requirement by 105,000 signatures

The Maryland Marriage Alliance turned in over 160,000 petition signatures for a referendum vote on gay marriage to the Maryland Board of Elections, surpassing their goal of collecting 150,000 and the state’s requirement of 55,000 signatures. The signatures represent an effort to make a statement to legislators, the media, and the state of Maryland that people care about seeing marriage upheld as one man, one woman.

“Marriage is priceless, and we will not give up this fight,” said petition organizer, Derek McCoy. “We will continue in our efforts on your behalf to uphold this timeless institution. As we prepare to launch the next phase of our campaign, we will also be working on ways to spread the word about the importance of standing for marriage as far and wide across the state as possible.”

Learn more at The Maryland Marriage Alliance is a grassroots, non-partisan, interfaith coalition dedicated to preserving the traditional definition of marriage in Maryland law. The Maryland Marriage Alliance is supported by the Maryland Family Alliance, the Maryland Catholic Conference, and the National Organization for Marriage, and is the leading entity in Maryland focused solely to the preservation of marriage.

Boy Scouts of America remains committed to moral/ethical leadership standards

During the recent meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, a number of concerned messengers visited the Association of Baptists for Scouting booth to ask if they had heard correctly that the Boy Scouts of America were planning to loosen their standards regarding requirements for adult leaders.  R. Chip Turner, Chairman of BSA Religious Relationships, answered, “I am pleased to say this is NOT the case. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) remains committed to the moral and ethical standards, which have been affirmed several times in Southern Baptist Convention resolutions.”

Turner also noted scouting remains one of the finest evangelism, family ministry, and religious education tools available for established churches as well as new church plants.  Scouts and their families involved in the religious emblems program are often reached for Christ and it is not uncommon for youth participants to clarify their calling to vocational ministry.

“While I am happy to report Scouting’s commitment to the leadership standards, I remind readers that opponents to these policies are relentless and highly vocal,” he cautioned. “Unfortunately, the ‘silent majority’ remains largely unheard.  I believe this is an opportune time to encourage Southern Baptist churches and individual members to send a note of affirmation to BSA for the moral and ethical commitments to which they have remained true for 102 years.”  Their address is:  Boy Scouts of America, P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079.

2012 Week of Prayer for Maryland/Delaware Missions materials available online

The Missions M/D state missions offering funds many ministries in Maryland and Delaware in partnership with churches and associations. Thank you for working with the BCM/D to reach Maryland/Delaware and beyond! WE CAN’T STOP!

To assist you in promoting the missions offering in your church, the BCM/D has developed several materials, including promotional videos, prayer guides, bulletin inserts and posters, which can be accessed at

IMB seeks to mobilize more health care workers for overseas service

The International Mission Board and its Global Medical Alliance are sponsoring a health care missions conference at the International Learning Center in Richmond, October 11-13.  The event, entitled MedAdvance, is for all health care personnel, pastors and missions pastors and anyone interested in medical missions.  About 25 health care missionaries will be there along with IMB leaders to talk about ongoing work and opportunities for service.

Rebekah Naylor, IMB missionary emeritus, said, “We hope to see a number of those attending mobilized into service overseas among people groups with little or no access to health care. These ads would play a crucial role in our strategy to raise awareness about the event.”

Register online at

BaptistLIFE has a new blog!

The new BaptistLIFE  blog is far more interactive and colorful and takes advantage of several multimedia capabilities, including slideshows for images, enhanced commenting features, and a place to leave news tips. Visit online at to see all the changes.

Looking ahead: 2012 Baptism photos wanted for October cover of BaptistLIFE

BaptistLIFE would like to feature a mosaic of 2012 baptism photos on our cover for our October issue. To do that, we are gathering baptism photos from our churches to post on our BaptistLIFE Facebook (to celebrate now) and then use them on the cover.  Please feel free to post your photos directly to BaptistLIFE’s Facebook page or send them to Shannon Baker ([email protected]), Sharon Mager, ([email protected]) or Iris White ([email protected]).

DID YOU KNOW . . . Maryland provided the original leadership and staging area for what became the SBC’s Brotherhood Commission.

The Layman’s Missionary Movement was organized in 1906 by John Sleman in Washington, D.C. A prominent Maryland layman, member of Eutaw Place Baptist Church, was instrumental in bringing this movement to the SBC, where in 1907 it became an auxiliary. He united men for missions as Annie Armstrong did for women.

Who was he?

For this answer and more historical insight go to