Posted on : Thursday October 12, 2017

By Joel Kurz

Five hundred years ago a revival happened. It became known as “the reformation” as the Gospel was recovered, sinners were saved, and churches were formed.

It began as a protest and exploded into a full-blown movement. Today, half a millennium later, the battle for the Bible continues.

Why does this matter for Baltimore’s inner city?

Many ask the questions, “Can we trust the Bible? Aren’t there errors in the Bible? Do we really need it? Is it enough? While we claim to be Bible people, is the Bible really our authority?”  A growing movement casts distrust among the young and disenfranchised. Critical and skeptical statements and questions abound:

The Bible is just written by man.

The Bible was edited and changed hundreds of times.

The Bible is used for oppression.

As a result, the church is viewed as irrelevant and duped by powerful deceivers. A growing number view Christianity as merely “the white man’s religion.” For some, the church is a thing of the past, an institution which once had a purpose.

Thankfully, there are answers to these questions. The Christian faith has been questioned and attacked for two thousand years. Yet we have witnessed the unfolding fulfillment of Jesus’ own promise: He will build his church.

This October, we join the martyrs who gave their lives during the first three centuries clinging to the truths found within the pages of Scripture. We join our African church fathers who boldly defended the divinity of Jesus and first articulated some of our most important truths. And we join with the reformers who left the comforts of religion for an exhilarating life of proclaiming the Gospel. The Word of God remains forever and on his Word we stand.

The ONE HOPE conference is an opportunity to train those “in the pew.” Designed for lay people, moms and dads, new believers, college students, youth, and even pastors––it is our goal to provide a free conference with the best Bible teaching to equip Baltimore’s saints for the work of ministry. Thabiti Anyabwile, Shai Linne, and Kevin Smith will join Montrel Haygood and myself as we unpack truth about the Bible.

We ask Baltimore church pastors to promote the conference and bring their congregations. Due to the limited resources of many Baltimore churches, we are committed to providing this conference for free. (If your church would like to support this conference financially and become a conference sponsor, please email me at

Join us starting Friday night, October 27 at 6pm through Saturday, October 28, at Booker T. Washington Middle School, 1301 McCulloh St. (Madison Ave. Entrance), as we stand together on the Word of God.  Speakers include Thabiti Anyabwile, Shai Linne, Kevin Smith, Joel Kurz, and Montrel Haygood.  The conference is free (space is limited). Register at