Posted on : Thursday May 19, 2016

By Sharon Mager

LA PLATA, Md.—Potomac Baptist Association churches are cooperatively planning a special worship event, open to the public, at the Charles County Fairgrounds. This year, the event, “One Voice: Unity and Diversity Under the Tent,” will be June 3 to 5. The three-day revival includes food, music, fellowship, testimony and preaching.pba one voice

Friday, June 3, is youth night. Speakers include Ray Sydnor and Wayne Matthews. Sydnor is a former Philadelphia Eagles player and founder of Mentoring Academics Athletics in Partnership. He was raised in Baltimore and was a rising football star before a crack cocaine habit derailed his career. He committed his life to Christ in 1998. Now he partners with churches and other groups to minister to teens and children to help them seek Jesus and to avoid decisions with potentially devastating consequences.

Wayne Matthews is a Gospel preacher and has ministered in over 35 countries.

James Dixon, Jr., and Mark Burton will be the guest speakers at the June 4 service, from 5:30 to 9 pm. The theme is “Racial Unity in Christ.”

Dixon is senior pastor of El-Bethel Baptist Church, Fort Washington. He has also served as consultant and specialist in African American Church development and discipleship for the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network and as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s National African American Fellowship.

Burton is a longtime pastor and Bible preacher in the Charles County area.

The theme of Sunday evening is “Every Nation, Tribe, People and Language.” Rabbi/Pastor Robert Pristoop will be the keynote speaker from 5 to 9 pm. Pristoop is President of Shofarel Jewish Ministries and pastor of Mishkan HaShofar Congregation in Silver Spring. Pristoop’s father was raised in the Orthodox Jewish tradition and his mother was a Catholic who converted to Judaism. The family, though, only observed religious traditions when celebrating with extended family during the Jewish holy days, and during Christmas and Easter as secular festivals. After meeting an authentic Christian, Pristoop attended a church service. He eventually accepted Jesus, but it was during a Passover celebration that God opened Pristoop’s eyes. He saw Jesus in the Passover.

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