Posted on : Wednesday July 1, 2009
David Lee

David Lee

By David Lee, BCMD Executive Director

I am a firm believer that every organization should have a mission statement that clearly states the purpose for which that organization exists. It should define their primary business. It must be specific enough to enable them to say “yes” to the things that are priority and “no” to things which are not.

We constantly review our mission statement. The wording has been tweaked, but the heart of our statement remains the same. Each word was carefully chosen to reflect the biblical foundation of our cooperative effort.

“We will intentionally assist in the starting and the strengthening of congregations . . ..” This statement reflects our core value that the heart of our cooperative effort is the ministry of the local church. Therefore, we see our charge to assist, to come alongside, and help the local church to grow and multiply. The word “intentionally” is there to remind us that we may not do all that we plan to do, but we seldom, if ever, do any more than we plan to do. To accomplish our work we must be “intentional.” The church or the convention that just waits for things to happen will never see the right things happen.

“. . . so that together we can accomplish the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8.” We have our marching orders. We must begin where we are and cooperatively find ways to get the Gospel to our communities, our multi-state region, our nation and our world. This task is so big that we must do it together. It is so demanding that we acknowledge that whatever we do must be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your church is a key part of a cooperative effort seeking to accomplish a strategic and collective mission. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for giving through the Cooperative Program.