Posted on : Thursday October 5, 2017

By Sharon Mager

ELLICOTT CITY, Md.—The Mid-Maryland Baptist Association met on Oct. 2 at Bethel Baptist Church, Ellicott City, for their annual meeting and voted unanimously to elect Larry Steen, pastor of Westminster Baptist Church (WBC), as director of missions (DOM). Steen will begin his new ministry in mid-January 2018.

Gary Glanville (right), congratulates Larry Steen (left) on his election as Mid-Maryland Association’s director of missions effective mid-January, 2018.

“Rev. Larry Steen will be a great leader, friend, and pastor as well as a motivator for the association,” MMBA Interim Director of Missions Gary Glanville said, adding that Steen has served as pastor of Westminster Baptist Church for 34 years and has been invested in the association as well as his church.

Steen will resign as pastor of WBC on Dec. 31. Glanville will continue in the interim position until that time.

“I believe in the work of associations,” Steen said. “We can better advance God’s Kingdom by networking together on mission, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege to help MMBA to do just that.”

The annual MMBA meeting began with a time of food and fellowship, followed by worship and then the business meeting.

Combined musicians from Northwest Baptist Church and Bethel Baptist Church led worship. Glanville shared words of encouragement with pastors, urging them to “stoke the fire,” to be true to God’s Word, and to keep Jesus as the center of worship. “Don’t rob Him of His glory,” Glanville said.

Glanville, who has ministered over 40 years, 37 at Northwest Baptist Church, shared that he was licensed to preach by Bethel Baptist Church in 1975 and was ordained there in 1977.

“I have come home tonight,” he said.

Looking ahead, Glanville urged MMBA churches to stay united. “Unity and service unite us. If we are not doing anything for the Kingdom, disunity will rear its head in a critical spirit.”