Posted on : Wednesday June 22, 2016

Griesemer-Brochure-13LANDOVER HILLS, Md.-Pastor David Griesemer of Landover Hills Baptist Church invites other pastors and their spouses and/or other ordained staff to join him on a nine-day familiarization trip to the “Land of Jesus” on January 23-31, 2017.

Offered through Biblical Journeys, the cost of the trip for individuals is $1,885. The total cost for the pastor and his spouse is $2,185. Single supplements for single travelers wanting to stay in his or her own room is $200 more.

Destinations include Caesarea Maritima, Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Bethsaida, Mount of Beatitudes, Caperneum, Jericho, Old Roman Road, Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Southern Wall, St. Anne’s (Pools of Bethesda), Western Wall, Bethlehem, Masada, En Gedi, Qumran, Dead Sea, Temple Mount, Upper Room, Garden Of Gethsemani, House of Caiaphas, Judgment Hall, Via Doloroza, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Garden Tomb, and more.

“You’ve heard the names before: the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Mount of Olives, but these places were just words from the pages of Jesus’ life. I had this frustration too,” shares Griesemer. “For years of my Christian life, the places and stories of Jesus’ life seemed like a patchwork quilt. I had no idea how they all fit together. Then I went to Israel . . . and it all changed.”

Griesemer wants to help make that same connection for other pastors.

“You will experience the Bible like you’ve never have before. Just as you would see a puzzle all put together, so you will grasp the individual sites in light of the whole land,” he said. “Watch the sun set over the Sea of Galilee—just as Jesus saw it. Get the feel of the land as you experience the Holy City of Jerusalem with your feet. Hear the Word of God in the Capernaum Synagogue—the very place where Jesus preached. Enjoy the fragrances in every place—from the aromatic Jerusalem markets to the salty seaside port of Joppa.”

Griesemer-Brochure-7He also urges travelers to experience the fellowship of other Christians as they travel the lands of the Bible together, and to taste the delicious meals of Israeli culture!

“It is as if you have been reading or preaching the Bible for years or decades in ‘black & white’ but after this trip you will be reading or preaching in ‘color’ as the pages come alive as you will have the full sense of the Holy Land, the people, the culture, and history,” he said.

Space is filling up fast. Download: the brochure and the order form.

To learn more, contact Griesemer at, (301) 577-6700, through his Facebook account, or visit online at