Posted on : Tuesday June 4, 2013

The mission of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware is “to intentionally assist in the starting and the strengthening of congregations so that together we can accomplish the Great Commission as given to us by our Lord in Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8.”David-Sherry300

I have never tired of reminding us of our mission. It has been the heart of what has bound us together. I hope that these words will remain the centerpiece of this work as you journey forward. We are in the Great Commission business. It is what makes all of this worthwhile.

We as a state convention are in a good place. We are in position for God to greatly expand His kingdom’s work here in one of the most strategic mission fields in our world. You are served by a marvelous, spirit-filled, gifted and committed staff. I have no concern at all about the upcoming time of transition. The focus and strategy should continue without a hiccup because of their capable leadership and servant spirit. I walk away with a great sense of optimism and faith about the future that “He who has begun a good work among us will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

I want to say, “Thank you” to you. Maryland/Delaware Baptists have given to me the privilege and opportunity for two decades to live my dream. What an honor it has been for both Sherry and me to serve you. There is no better or greater people with which to journey in ministry.

Thank you, Southern Baptists. I am a product of the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program helped to pay for my ministerial education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I have never taken for granted that a major part of my ministry has been made possible because of the faithful Cooperative Program giving of Maryland/Delaware Baptists. I am eternally grateful.

Southern Baptists have provided me the opportunity to learn and grow and minister in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined. So many leaders have poured life and time into me. To all I say, “Thank you.”

I thank my wife and my boys. Sherry is the unsung hero of this ministry team. I would not be where I am today without her love, her strength, her support and her wisdom. Her spiritual roots run deep. Her prayer life puts mine to shame in comparison. Only God in heaven knows the degree to which she has sacrificially served our Lord and Maryland/Delaware Baptists.

My boys—Jonathan and Jeremy—have been my teachers. Not only have they brought such joy to my life, they have shown me how to reach beyond my own generation to embrace those who have come after me. They have been my scouts as I navigated through the whitewater change we have experienced these past two decades. One of the positive outgrowths of my retirement is the opportunity to join with them in doing ministry. Putting three Lee boys together, at a minimum, will create a stir!

Thank you, God. I learned early in my Christian journey that all of us are what we are, have what we have, experience what we experience through the grace of God. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. God has blessed me to a degree far beyond what I deserve. His love, His mercy, His grace have all been sufficient to meet my every need. I have lived a blessed life. At the end of the day it is not about me; it is all about Him. To God be the glory. Great things He has done.