Posted on : Wednesday March 30, 2016

Rick Hancock, Interim Executive Director; Director of Missions for Mid-Maryland Baptist Association

The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD will intentionally assist in starting and strengthening congregations so that together we can fulfill Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8. In other words we are here to serve churches. That is true of the Network and the local Associations in Maryland/Delaware. We are partners in the mission of encouraging and equipping local churches.

Jesus is the head of the Church. Paul made that abundantly clear in Ephesians 5:23. In His Grace He has called pastors to care for His Bride. That focuses the mission a bit more. The first priority of the Network and local Associations is to champion the ministry of the pastor and his leadership team. We are here to encourage and equip pastors and planters to fulfill their mission.

The pastorate is challenging, frustrating and gloriously rewarding.  Pastors can become lonely, proud and calloused. Even the best of men are men at best. I experienced this in my twenty years of pastoral ministry. I have observed this while serving as Director of Missions for Mid-Maryland. There is nothing more fulfilling than standing behind the holy desk proclaiming the Word of God to the congregation, leading a Spirit-filled prayer meeting, sharing the Gospel with the lost or sitting on the floor with the children demonstrating the love of Christ. The pastorate is a high-calling.

Pastors are called upon to preach, pray, officiate funerals and settle family disputes. They are expected to “grow the church,” balance the budget and multiply their ministry. They are called out in the middle of the night and called to task in business meetings. Be encouraged pastor. Paul calls you, “O man of God,” in 1 Timothy 6:11. Is there any higher calling?

The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD and your local Association leaders exist to intentionally serve you and His church.