Posted on : Thursday February 28, 2019

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —While there was great news out of Annapolis last weekend when House Speaker Michael Busch (D-30A) announced his plans to withdraw a proposed constitutional amendment enshrining a woman’s “right” to an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, the dignity of life is still very much under attack in the State Capital. It is expected that this Friday afternoon, March 1, the House Health and Government Operations Committee and the House Judiciary Committee will jointly vote on a bill that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in the state. If the bill passes out of Committee, it will be headed for consideration by the entire House of Delegates, where passage is likely.

Now is the time to speak up in defense of all life at all stages. If passed, this bill would allow terminally ill patients to be prescribed a lethal dose of a controlled dangerous substance, which they would then pick-up at their local pharmacy and ingest without medical supervision to end their life.

This bill, in addition to having no regard for the worth and dignity of every human life, establishes suicide as a societal norm, places large quantities of Schedule II prescription drugs into our communities with no measures in place for take-back or disposal, and leaves those suffering from mental illness, persons with intellectual disabilities, and our elderly at risk of coercion and undue influence by family members or caregivers.

If we are to stop this bill, we must do so now. Please plan to call and email the Committee members listed below before the Committee votes on Friday afternoon. Your voice will make the difference and our lawmakers need to hear from you. Respectfully tell them that you oppose House Bill 399 and that you urge them to vote no against legalizing assisted suicide in Maryland. Please take action today in defense of Life!


Delegate Shane Pendergrass – District 13 (Committee Chairwoman & Lead Sponsor of HB 399)
410-841-3139 | [email protected]

Delegate Joseline Pena- Melnyk – District 21 (Vice Chairwoman)
410-841-3502 | [email protected]

Delegate Heather Bagnall – District 33
410-841-3406 | [email protected]

Delegate Erek Barron – District 24
410-841-3692 | [email protected]

Delegate Harry Bhandari – District 7
410-841-3526 | [email protected]

Delegate Alfred C. Carr, Jr. – District 18
410-841-3638 | [email protected]

Delegate Nick Charles – District 25
410-841-3707 | [email protected]

Delegate Brian Chisolm – District 31B
410- 841-3206 | [email protected]

Delegate Bonnie Cullison – District 19
410-841-3883 | [email protected]

Delegate Terri Hill – District 12
410-841-3378 | [email protected]

Delegate Steve Johnson – District 34A
410-841-3280 | [email protected]

Delegate Ariana Kelly – District 16
410-841-3642 | [email protected]

Delegate Ken Kerr – District 3B
410-841-3240 | [email protected]

Delegate Nic Kipke – District 31B
410-841-3421 | [email protected]

Delegate Susan Krebs – District 5
410-841-3200 | [email protected]

Delegate Robbyn Lewis – District 46
410-841-3772| [email protected]

Delegate Matt Morgan – District 29A
410-841-3170 | [email protected]

Delegate Sandy Rosenberg – District 41
410-841-3297 | [email protected]

Delegate Sid Saab – District 33
410-841-3551 | [email protected]

Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes – District 37A
410-841-3427 | [email protected]

Delegate Kathy Szeliga – District 7
410-841-3698 | [email protected]

Delegate Karen Lewis- Young – District 3A
410-841-3436 | [email protected]


Delegate Luke Clippinger – District 46 (Committee Chairman)
410-841-3488| [email protected]

Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary – District 13 (Vice Chairwoman)
410-841-3471| [email protected]

Delegate Curt Anderson – District 43
410-841-3291 | [email protected]

Delegate Lauren Arikan – District 7
410-841-3334 | [email protected]

Delegate Sandy Bartlett – District 32
410-841-3370 | [email protected]

Delegate Jon Cardin – District 11
410-841-3054 | [email protected]

Delegate Frank Conaway – District 40
410-841-3189 | [email protected]

Delegate Daniel Cox- District 4
410-841-3288 | [email protected]

Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield – District 19
410-841-3485 | [email protected]

Delegate Debra Davis – District 28
410-841-3337 | [email protected]

Delegate Wanika Fisher – District 47B
410-841-3340 | [email protected]

Delegate Robin Grammer – District 6
410-841-3298 | [email protected]

Delegate Wayne Hartman – District 38C
410-841-3356 | [email protected]

This press release provided by Jennifer L. Briemann

Image by truthseeker08 on Pixabay