Posted on : Wednesday April 1, 2009

By Conrad Burch, BCM/D Missionary for Planned Giving, Wills and Bequests and Bivocational Ministry

Md.—In the current economic condition that find many of us looking back and saying, “If only …”,  the Baptist Foundation of Maryland/Delaware offers four seminars to help members of our churches to better plan for the future (listed to the right).

The seminars help Baptists to look forward to a financial future that will be a blessing to themselves, their heirs and to God’s kingdom here on earth. For additional information, please call Tom Stolle, ext. 207 or Conrad Burch, ext. 206 at 800-466-5290.

  • Christian Estate Planning Basics – Adults: Estate planning basics—why you need a Will; making provision for children and other dependents; planning for incapacity; and death taxes.
  • Ways to Make Gifts to Your Church – Ages 30+:    Legacy giving ideas to encourage church members to take stewardship to a deeper level— what to give, how to give, and why they should give.
  • A Budget/Savings Plan for Everyday Life – Ages 18+:    A plan for financial management— how to save and how to get out of debt.
  • Stewardship Management from a Biblical Perspective – Ages 18+:    Explore the scriptures about putting God’s financial principles into practice.