Posted on : Thursday May 29, 2014
The Strength Team, a group of evangelist/professional athletes will minister at Baltimore churches as part of the crossover events June 7 to 8. Strength TeamThe group ministers to thousands each year through school assembly programs, churches and other outreach venues.The Strength Team features athletes performing amazing feats of strength such as ripping a phone book in half, crushing walls of concrete with a blow from their arm or head, breaking hand-cuffs, running through two-by-fours and blowing up hot water bottles until they explode. They do all of this to get the attention of the audience, deliver their testimonies and present the Gospel message.Last year the Strength Team saw 28,212 people make professions of faith.

The team will have four shows:

•    June 7, 11 am, Westminster Baptist Church, 354 Crest Lane, Westminster, Md.•    June 7, 2 pm, Seventh Metro Church, 30 E. North Avenue, Baltimore, Md.•    June 8, 4 pm, Northeast Church, 1400 Horners Lane, Baltimore, Md.•    June 8, 11 am and 7 pm, New Dimensions Ministries, 2919 Stafford Street, Baltimore, Md.

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