Posted on : Monday June 11, 2012

By Sharon Mager , BCM/D Correspondent

COLUMBIA, Md.—When  Rolando Castro, missionary for Hispanic church planting/evangelism/church development/language churches, began ministering with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, there was a total of 12 Hispanic church plants. Now there are 28 and four additional new churches will soon be ready to launch. But wait, there’s more! Forty-eight students are diligently working through a Hispanic leadership development program offered through BCM/D’s Centro de Entrenamiento Ministerial (Ministry Training Center), many with the goal of being church planters. The Hispanic church planting world is ready for explosion!

Students can choose between three campuses: Silver Spring, Easton and Baltimore.

Also, they can choose between three certificates: pastoral ministry, church planting and Christian ministry. If students complete all three, they receive a diploma in theology. Classes are offered in eight-week modules.

Castro said there are church planters in the field that are moving ahead to start new works. For example, Jose Nader, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has planted two churches and is getting ready to plant his third church. Now he needs some assistance.

“This is where we come in. We are now providing theological education for leaders to take the pastoral roles in those churches,” Castro explained. “We want our church planting pastor to keep planting and we want good leaders to become pastors of those plants.”

For more information about the ministry training center, or language church planting, contact Rolando Castro,