Posted on : Thursday December 20, 2018

By Shelley Mahoney

WASHINGTON, DC — More than 130 people gathered to celebrate the 50thanniversary of the Prince George’s Baptist Association (PGBA) on December 7, with an evening of food,


fellowship, entertainment, and appreciation for what God has done in the PGBA over the last five decades. The special event, hosted by First Rock Baptist Church of Washington, DC., included pastors and members of many churches in the association.

Attendees enjoyed special music, a dance performance by First Rock’s liturgical dancers, and mime entertainment from the mime ministry of Fort Washington Baptist Church, Md.  Worship songs were led by the praise team from First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, Md., the choir at Fort Washington Baptist Church, Md., the “OHBC Brethren,” from Oxen Hill Baptist Church, Md., and the Youth Choir of New Hope Baptist Church of Prince George’s County of Fort Washington, Md.

Anthony Minter, the pastor of First Rock Church and the moderator of the PGBA, said the emphasis on the evening was “fellowship…and offering thanks and appreciation unto the Lord for all He has done.”

The PGBA intentionally allowed for much fellowship time between tables as attendees enjoyed warm soup (on a cold night), an assortment of cheeses and fruits, and a decorated anniversary cake.


Byron Day, the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Laurel, MD, offered the opening prayer, then Minter, along with Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D Executive Director Kevin Smith, greeted and welcomed the group, affirming the work of the PGBA over the last 50 years. They were followed by a number of other speakers who recognized the past and current leaders in the PGBA, recalled the purpose of the association, reminded the crowd of the association’s urgent mission of discipleship, and finally discussed the future of the PGBA.

Minter said he was pleased with the turnout and with the fellowship that ensued that evening. He is also excited for the future of the organization.

“We’ve been able to remain on the battlefield for the last fifty years,” said Minter. “We are now in the process of doing some reorganization that will position us to be able to minister more effectively. We want to be an entity that can provide services for churches of the PGBA and beyond—ordinations, training, whatever

churches feel like they need…we want to help them receive those services.”

Minter said that the churches in the association help one another on a regular basis and he wants to build on that.


He added, “If one church is strong in an area where another church is weak, we will try to partner them up. Our goal has to be a larger circle. If we do everything we have set out to do, and I believe we will, it will bring more folks to the table so our network can grow larger and be more effective in the overall community.”

The evening ended with a fellowship blessing and benediction by Dr. Juanita Brower of Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church, of Md. Those in attendance left with a program detailing the rich history of the PGBA, from its birth on Nov. 1, 1968, to present, as well as the past and present ministries the association has facilitated since the beginning.

Shelley Mahoney is a freelance writer and adjunct professor of communication at Anne Arundel Community College