Disaster Relief Ministry

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To make a donation for families displaced from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, please indicate in the “order notes” on the checkout page.

If you wish to ensure your gift is designated to a specific disaster/mission, you can do so by specifying your designation in the “Order Notes” on the checkout page.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) has been around for 50 years, providing all kinds of disaster relief, including hot meals, clean water, child care, laundry, structure repairs, rebuilding, and more. With a trained volunteer force exceeding 80,000 people, SBDR fuels the third largest disaster relief agency in the United States.

SBDR has gained national and international recognition for service in crisis situations across the continent. Locally, Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware leaders invest significant resources to provide proper training for volunteers and equipment with which to serve.

In this category, your gift defaults toward giving where help is most needed, allowing for maximum flexibility. Thank you!