Posted on : Monday July 9, 2012

By Ken Stalls, President of BCM/D and Pastor of South End Baptist Church, Frederick, MD

I confess; I am a total pack rat. I hate to throw almost anything away. You know what we pack rats say, “just as soon as I throw something away, immediately, I need it.” Well, it’s true. One example of this is my collection of sayings, etc. that have been meaningful to me. One of these is an anonymously written prayer. I have needed this one over and over. Maybe, just maybe, you might need it occasionally yourself.

Dear Heaven Father,
The words do not come easily, but I choose to forgive. I will to forgive because it is what You require of me, and it is what is best for all concerned. Help me to forgive from my heart and not just from my head. Help me to release my offender, for to release him or her is to release myself. Free me from my anger and my self-inflicted pain. Free me from all my questions that continually assault my mind. Free me from all of the assumptions that flood my soul. Unwrap my fingers from around my offense. Break the chains  that have ensnared my emotions. Open the prison doors of my indignation and shame. Lead me to a better place to dwell mentally and spiritually. May it be that place where You address all my needs and assure me that you have taken heed of the things which have transpired. Speak words of comfort to me. And though I may never totally forget what has happened to me, help me to forgive even as You have forgiven me. In the Name of the One who died for my sins, my precious Lord Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

Oh, how often I have needed to pray this prayer. It has helped me to put things in proper perspective. It is has brought comfort to my soul and peace to my mind. It has enabled relationships to be saved and restored. Try it. I believe you will like the results.

May our Lord bless you with the opportunity to forgive as you have been forgiven.  Thanks for the privilege of serving as president of our convention and of being your friend.