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(All names will be first initial, last name or vice versa, i.e., bsimpson)

4 BCMD Executive Director
5 Baptist Mission Resource Ctr Location
6 Acts 1:8
9 Potomac Association Dir. of Missions
15 BCMD online training
16 Collegiate Minister at Morgan State
17 BCMD Convention President
20 Blue Ridge Association Dir. of Missions
21 Retired Executive Offi ce Coordinator
22 WMU Director
23 Mrs. VBS
25 BCMD Missionary of Collegiate Ministries
27 9th Word of the BCMD Mission Statement
29 Mid-Maryland Association Dir. of Missions
31 Sky(croft) King
33 3rd Word in the Original BCMD Name
34 BCMD Missionary of Worship
36 BCMD 1st Vice President
38 Western Association Dir. of Missions
41 Collegiate Minister at Frostburg
42 BCMD Recording Secretary
43 BaptistLIFE Design Editor
44 Foreign Missions Agency
46 BCMD Mr. Fixit
47 Domestic Missions Agency
50 Delaware Association Dir. of Missions
52 Managing Editor of BaptistLIFE
53 BCMD Missionary of Language Churches
55 BCMD State Paper: Baptist______
56 BCMD 2nd Vice President
57 Number of Original Churches in BCMD
1 President of the General Mission Board
2 ___ Program: Missions Giving Channel for SBC
3 Number of BCMD strategies
7 Wo-Me-To Location
8 Collegiate Minister of University of Delaware
10 20th Word of the BCMD Vision Statement
11 Collegiate Minister of University of Maryland
12 BCMD Missionary of Asian Church Dev.
13 Montgomery Association Dir. of Missions
14 BCMD Camp in Middletown
18 WMU Camp
19 BCMD Missions Involvement Team Strategist
24 BCMD Missionary of African Am. Church Dev.
25 Carol Moore #2
26 BCMD Missionary of Hispanic Church Dev.
28 Susquehanna Association Dir. of Missions
30 PG Association Dir. of Missions
32 The Number of BCMD Core Values
35 The Number of BCMD Associations
37 Arundel Association Director of Missions
39 Baltimore Association Director of Missions
40 Collegiate Minister at Bowie State University
45 Collegiate Minister at the Naval Academy
48 BaptistLIFE Editor
49 BCMD Missionary of Ministers’ Wives/Families
51 BCMD Assistant Recording Secretary
54 Our National Denomination
Go to to search for the answers.
(All names will be first initial, last name or vice versa, i.e., bsimpson)
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