Posted on : Thursday October 3, 2019

By Hannah K. Baker

Get ready! Registration is now open for Skycroft Conference Center’s weekend-long “ReBoot” winter camp for middle and high school students. Hannah Baker, who graduated high school in June, shares about her experiences at this high energy, God-honoring camp.

Since elementary school, I went to the camps at Skycroft and I grew in my faith with so many amazing people, and with the help of the camp staff. For the past six years, I went with Bay Life Church, in Glen Burnie, Maryland, even though I have since moved to a different state. I love the feeling of togetherness and unity with my friends and with God.

Campers enjoy games, worship, Bible study, and much more at ReBOOT camp (photo by Shannon Baker)

The camps are always something to look forward to and reBOOT is the perfect experience in between the week-long summer camp (now Crossings at Skycroft) to keep us excited all year round. It’s a good refresher, and for the new youth who have just joined, it’s a great preview of the summer camp.

Kathy Wright, Bay Life Church’s youth minister, says, “It comes at the perfect time of the year to get us focused back on Christ.” She also says that it helps everyone get excited for the summer camp because it is, “like taking a nibble of cheesecake and then looking forward to the whole slice in a few months!” Kathy particularly loves the team-building exercises during recreation, which grows the youth group together.

Joey Nicholson, who has attended camps at Skycroft since 2014, says his favorite part about reBOOT is “the unity of the group while we are there —whether we’re playing games like a life-sized version of “KerPlunk,” or “Hungry Hungry Hippo,” worshipping together, watching each other sing karaoke, or simply spending time together.”

Camp at Skycroft is special to me because it is the only time that I get to see my friends in Maryland since I moved, and it’s such a great atmosphere. It’s full of love and excitement and God, and everything seems so much better up on the mountain.

Last year, the band called Electric City led us in powerful, intense worship. People were crying, dancing, throwing their hands up, and everything in between. There was definitely a holy presence whenever worship was going on; everyone could feel it. It’s something you can’t put into words.

A camper takes a quiet moment to read

Jesse McCain, a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the pastor for the three weekends in January preached about the interactions between Jesus and the Pharisees. He pointed out their hypocrisy and related it to our own lives to help us see if we are hypocrites as well. McCain also focused on the true meaning of repentance. Both nights he gave the students a chance to “go to the altar” to pray and repent.

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Hannah K. Baker, daughter of Larry and Shannon Baker, lives in Reading, Pa., where she spends a lot of time with her precious pup, Zoey.

Cover photo – Hannah Baker and Faith Davis embrace at Skycroft Conference Center