Posted on : Monday May 3, 2010

By Shannon Baker, BCM/D National Correspondent

LINCOLN, Neb.—Nationally recognized Christian band, Remedy Drive, from Lincoln, Neb., will perform their incredible, energetic live show at Faith Church on Saturday, May 8.

Comprised of four brothers (David, Philip, Paul and Dan Zach), Remedy Drive has been cranking out their own brand of music as a full time indie for the past six years.

Without a TV in their home while growing up, the brothers and their two sisters found a love for music—and a place to express creatively a reason for their hope in Christ.

Inspiration comes from the book of Psalms, from the Gospels, and even “the epic apocalyptic imagery of Revelation,” shared David, lead songwriter of the band.

“I find myself constantly writing down lyrics or ideas that may not even work in a lyric,” he said, noting he’s been inspired by author C.S. Lewis, pastor Tim Keller, and even pop culture’s Batman.

“That stuff ends up living inside of me and comes out in our lyrics or even in our melodies,” he said.

The theme always comes back to hope, he added.

In fact, the title track of their most recently released album, “Daylight is Coming,” produced by Ian Eskelin, of All Star United, shares the message of the hope found in God’s nature, as does their song, “Hope,” which was used for the 2009-2010 Vancouver Olympic Games commercial.

“It’s definitely not a hope in rock and roll, politicians or in the government,” David explained, “but a hope in something permanent.”

“Rock and roll – happiness – diamond rings, these are the best of the temporary things,” David wrote in the song, “Made to Last,” which points to something “more for us ‘cause it’s all turning into dust.”

The song yearns for a hope found in a Kingdom that won’t fade away.

Noting that it is natural to feel fear in the day’s headlines, filled with gloom and doom, he said that with all the abounding fear and doubt, people are asking, is there really any hope?

He believes there is.

So much so, that he feels that the Christian rock concerts that he and brothers lead are a way to come out of the dark and cold world, to “a place where we can celebrate hope at the top of our lungs.”

In addition to the loud praise, David shared that Remedy Drive’s concerts are interactive, featuring call and response; high-energy music similar to the Blue Man Group; as well as the contemplative lyrics.

Now 30, David wrote his first song when he was only 13 years old. His parents, formerly involved in the hippy movement, had sworn off rock and roll when they became Christians. But then their children began to use the music as a way to worship God, and they saw how it appealed to their teenage friends.

The boys entered “Battle of the Bands” concerts, talent shows and played in outdoor arenas, all the while giving a voice and sound to their godly values.

Soon, their music grew beyond their hometown.  They traveled and performed in churches throughout the country.

Then, in 2009, Remedy Drive received three nominations including “Best New Artist,” “Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year,” and “Short Form Video of the Year” for the for the 40th Annual GMA Dove Awards.

This past year, Remedy Drive played its first arena concerts, touring with the Rock and Worship Roadshow, with artists such as David Crowder Band and Mercy Me.

“I like the small shows even better,” David shared, noting that compared with 10,000 attendees, having only 500 people in the church or concert hall helps everyone feel a part of something—or Someone.

“We want people to grab a hold of the hope that is found in Christ,” he said.

Tickets for the Remedy Drive concert at Faith Church on May 8 are $10. Purchase tickets at the Faith Church’s office, or by calling (410) 761-5346 or (410) 428-7735. Tickets may also be purchased at or at His Way Christian Bookstore in Glen Burnie, Md.