January 31, 2017

Acteens is the missions education organization for teenage girls ages 12-17 or in grades 7-12. Acteens is just one of the missions education organizations offered by WMU. Acteens guides teenage girls to a greater understanding of God’s work in the world and how they can join Him in His work.

The WMU vision statement says, “WMU challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.” That is why WMU exists and why WMU does the work it does every day. WMU has been doing this work since 1888. Throughout these years, WMU has seen countless teenage girls involved in missions education and hands-on missions involvement. Teenage girls continue to grow their understanding and involvement in the cause of missions, the cause of Christ, through Acteens.

Through Acteens teenage girls have the opportunity to learn about missions in such a way that they are challenged to live their lives openly for Christ in a very real and radical way. Girls have the opportunity to experience the world through mission studies, cultural experiences, and hands-on missions involvement. Acteens learn that God can use them every day in countless ways to change their world.

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